B-Fighter Kabuto

B-Fighter Kabuto (ビーファイターカブト, Bī Faitā Kabuto, Beetle Fighter Kabuto) is a Japanese television series in the Metal Hero Series franchise.

It is the sequel to Juukou B-Fighter, taking place five years after the preceding B-Fighter series. Kabuto aired from 1996 to 1997.

The action footage and props were used for the Beetleborgs Metallix series.— Wikipedia

Overview - B-Fighter Kabuto

B-Fighter Kabuto
TitleB-Fighter Kabuto
CategoryMetal Hero
Original releaseMarch 3, 1996 – February 16, 1997
Running time24–25 min. (per episode)
Final episodeEpisode 50 (Complete English sub)
Previous SeriesJuukou B-Fighter (53/53 episodes)
Next SeriesB-Robo Kabutack (52/52 episodes)

Plot - B-Fighter Kabuto

B-Fighter Kabuto is a part of the Metal Hero Series. It is Juukou B-Fighter’s follow-up, and it is set five years after the events of the first B-Fighter series. From 1996 to 1997, Kabuto aired.

Given that the following two installments were designed for younger audiences, it is thought to be the final game in the official Metal Hero Series. For Beetleborgs Metallix, action footage and props were utilized.

Plot B-Fighter Kabuto

Earth has experienced peace once more five years after Jamahl was destroyed. Takuya Kai collaborates with Sage Guru on a new generation of insect armor in case there is another threat to the Earth at the Cosmo Academia (Kosumo Akademia? ), a place for scientific research.

When a Cosmo Academia investigation submarine comes finds a fissure in the ocean floor, a massive flying fortress of the legendary tribe Melzard erupts out of it, posing this menace. This clan, which has lain dormant for ages, wants to wipe all humanity.

Mother Melzard, the matriarch, sends Raija and Dezzle, her two eldest sons, to spearhead the assault with Raija’s Elebammoth. By that time, Guru has added Insect Power to the Neo Insect Armor and developed the three Command Voicers to connect three humans with the armor.

The new armor’s chosen wearers, Kengo Tachibana and Ran Ayukawa, prepare themselves and take on the guises of B-fighters Kuwagar and Tentou. But when the final Command Voicer flies out the window, the individual who would become B-Fighter Kabuto had not been selected.

The last Command Voicer flies into the hand of Kouhei Toba, a top athlete at his school who is losing severely to Elebammoth who frozen the boy’s sister, while Ran and Kengo pursue it. Although this high school student is to be B-Fighter Kabuto, Kengo and Ran go to him and teach him how to change despite their horror.

He transforms into Kabuto, and the trio attacks Elebammoth and a number of his goons. Kabuto eventually kills Elebammoth. Mother Melzard keeps attacking, refusing to concede defeat, as Raija and Dezzle battle it out to attack the B-Fighters.

B-Fighter Kabuto

B-Fighter Kabuto

Episode Guide- B-Fighter Kabuto

List EpisodesRelease DateName
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 13 Mar. 1996The Second Generation is a High School Warrior
(2代目は高校戦士, Nidaime wa Kōkō Senshi)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 210 Mar. 1996The Trilobite's After School Invitation
(三葉虫は放課後誘う, Sanyōchū wa Hōkago Sasō)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 317 Mar. 1996Awaken!! The Neo Machines
(目覚めよ!!新マシン, Mezame yo!! Neo Mashin)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 424 Mar. 1996Vow!! The Heated Stag Beetle
(誓え!!熱きクワガタ, Chikae!! Atsuki Kuwagata)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 531 Mar. 1996A Great Reversal to the You that Departed
(大逆転去りゆく君へ, Daigyakuten Sariyuku Kimi e)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 67 Apr. 1996A Great Wild Battle at the Cherry Blossom Festival!!
(桜祭りで大乱戦!!, Sakura Matsuri de Dairansen)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 714 Apr. 1996The Raging Iron Fist presented by a Friend
(友に捧ぐ怒りの鉄拳, Tomo ni Sasagu Ikari no Tekken)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 821 Apr. 1996Kabuto Finally Leaves School!?
(カブトついに退学!?, Kabuto Tsuini Taigaku!?)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 928 Apr. 1996Becoming a Pupil of the Storytelling Monster!!
(弟子入り落語怪物!!, Deshi Iri Rakugo Kaibutsu)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 1005 May. 1996The Showdown with the Martial Arts Master
(対決格闘技マスター, Taiketsu Kakutōgi Masutā)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 1112 May. 1996Shoot Across the Sea of Tears
(涙の海を越えて撃て, Namida no Umi o Koete Ute)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 1212 May. 1996Mysterious?! The Fossil's Fantastic Maze
(謎?!化石の夢幻迷宮, Nazo?! Kaseki no Mugen Meikyū)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 1326 May. 1996Change!! The Explosive Dashing Professor
(チェンジ!!爆走博士, Chenji!! Bakusō Hakase)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 142 Jun. 1996The Cry that Destroyed the Trapped Town
(罠の街消された悲鳴, Wana no Kaishō Sareta Himei)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 159 Jun. 1996Infiltrate the Hospital Ward of Terror
(恐怖病棟に潜入せよ, Kyōfu Byōtō ni Sennyū seyo)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 1616 Jun. 1996Save the School Anniversary's Idols
(救え学園祭アイドル, Sukue Gakuensai Aidoru)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 1723 Jun. 1996The Fighting Love-Foretelling Diary!!
(戦う恋占い日記!!, Tatakau Kou Uranai Nikki!!)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 1830 Jun. 1996The 20-Million Year Revenge of the Exterminated Flower
(絶滅花2億年の復讐, Zetsumetsubana Niokunen no Fukushū)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 197 Jul. 1996Is the Summertime Girl a Mermaid Princess?!
(夏の彼女は人魚姫?!, Natsu no Kanojo wa Ningyohime?!)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 2014 Jul. 1996The 3000 Ri Kappa Hunt!!
(河童訪ねて三千里!!, Kappa Tazunete Sanzenri!!)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 2121 Jul. 1996Call the Rain, The Heroic Crybaby
(雨を呼べ泣き虫英雄, Ame o Yobe Nakimushi Eiyū)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 2228 Jul. 1996The Flaming Mistress' Roaring Shamisen
(轟く三味線炎の女将, Todoroku Shamisen Honō no Okami)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 234 Aug. 1996Run to the Wilderness of Pride!!
(誇りの荒野を走れ!!, Hokori no Kōya o Hashire!!)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 2411 Aug. 1996Summer Vacation!! The Haunted Classroom
(夏休み!!怪談教室, Natsuyasumi!! Kaidan Kyōshitsu)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 2518 Aug. 1996Those Guys Have Returned
(帰ってきたアイツ達, Kaettekita Aitsutachi)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 2625 Aug. 1996Nightmare!! B-Fighter vs. B-Fighter
(悪夢!!BF対BF, Akumu!! Bī Faitā Tai Bī Faitā)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 271 Sep. 1996The Certain Death of the 6 Great Warriors
(6大戦士絶体絶命, Rokudai Senshi Zettai Zetsumei)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 288 Sep. 1996Enter!! The Insect Warrior of the Wind
(見参!!風の昆虫戦士, Kenzan!! Kaze no Konchū Senshi)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 2915 Sep. 1996The Violent Centipede General
(暴れん坊ムカデ将軍, Abarenbō Mukade Shōgun)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 3022 Sep. 1996Shine Genji, the Earth's Power
(輝けゲンジ大地の力, Kagayake Genji Daichi no Chikara)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 3129 Sep. 1996The Combined Ultimate Gun and the Mournful Warrior
(合体最強銃と哀戦士, Gattai Saikyōjū to Ai Senshi)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 326 Oct. 1996Echo, The Beautiful Butterfly's Melody
(響け美しき蝶の旋律, Hibike Utsukushiki Chō no Senritsu)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 3313 Oct. 1996Grab it!! The Legendary Sacred Sword
(つかめ!!伝説の神剣, Tsukame!! Densetsu no Shinken)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 3420 Oct. 1996Control!? The B-Fighters' Day of Defeat
(制圧!?BF敗北の日, Seiatsu!? Bī Faitā Haiboku no Hi)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 3527 Oct. 1996Rip Through the Darkness, The Revived Giant God
(闇を裂け復活の巨神, Yami o Sake Fukkatsu no Kyoshin)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 3610 Nov. 1996Dirty!! The Demonic Brothers' Counterattack
(卑劣!!魔兄弟の逆襲, Hiretsu!! Ma Kyōdai no Gyakushū)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 3717 Nov. 1996Defeat, The Invincible New Monster
(倒せ不死身の新怪人, Taose Fujimi no Shin Kaijin)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 3824 Nov. 1996The Nightmarish Giant Stag Beetle
(悪夢のオオクワガタ, Akumu no Ō Kuwagata)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 391 Dec. 1996Merciless!! The B-Fighters are Melting
(無惨!!BFが溶ける, Muzan!! Bī Faitā ga Tokeru)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 408 Dec. 1996Break Through the Maze of Love
(駆け抜けろ恋の迷宮, Kakenukero Koi no Meikyū)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 4115 Dec. 1996The No-Rules Peak Battle
(ルール無用頂上決戦, Rūru Muyō Chōjō Kessen)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 4222 Dec. 1996Kabuto's Trip To The Moon World
(カブトの月世界旅行, Kabuto no Tsuki Sekai Ryokō)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 4329 Dec. 1996The Girl of Darkness is the B-Fighter Killer
(闇の娘はBFキラー, Yami no Musume wa Bī Faitā Kirā)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 445 Jan. 1997The Devil Girl Arrives...
(悪魔少女来たりて..., Akuma Shōjo Kitarite...)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 4512 Jan. 1997B-Fighter!! A Challenge in History
(BF!!歴史に挑戦, Bī Faitā!! Rekishi ni Chōsen)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 4619 Jan. 1997The Super Heavy Shell Strike!
(超重甲ストライキ!, Chō Jūkō Sutoraiki)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 4726 Jan. 1997The B-Fighters' Father, the Elder Dies!!
(BFの父 老師死す!!, Bī Faitā no Chichi Rōshi Shisu!!)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 482 Feb. 1997The Beetle Base's Great Explosion!!
(BF基地ビートルベース大爆破?!, Bītoru Bēsu Daibakuha?!)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 499 Feb. 1997The Sunrise of The Earth's Downfall
(地球滅亡の夜明け, Chikyū Metsubō no Yoake)
B-Fighter Kabuto Episode 5016 Feb. 1997The Last Battle
(ラストバトル, Rasuto Batoru)

B-Fighter Kabuto - Episode 1

Episode 2
The Trilobite's After School Invitation
(三葉虫は放課後誘う, Sanyōchū wa Hōkago Sasō)
B-Fighter Kabuto - Episode 1 is English subtitled by KSS-MF

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