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Shin Kamen Rider (シン・仮面ライダー, Shin Kamen Raidā)[a] is a 2023 Japanese superhero film directed and written by Hideaki Anno.

Produced to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kamen Rider,[8] it is the fourth film in Anno’s Shin Japan Heroes Universe,[9] as well as the first without his frequent collaborator Shinji Higuchi.

The film stars Sosuke Ikematsu, Minami Hamabe, Tasuku Emoto, Nanase Nishino, Shinya Tsukamoto, Toru Tezuka, Suzuki Matsuo, and Mirai Moriyama. In the film, a man and his female cohort attempt to annihilate the illegal organization responsible for his conversion into a mutant cyborg and stop their plans to conquer society.

Anno first proposed the project after becoming close with Toei Company producer Muneyuki Kii during the production of Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo (2012). Initially, Toei aimed for the film to be released in 2021, however, production was delayed due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Principal photography began on October 3, 2021, and wrapped at the end of January 2022.

The film premiered in Japan at selected theaters on March 17, 2023, and was released nationwide on March 18, 2023. It grossed $16.02 million[3] and received mostly positive reviews from critics. On July 21, 2023, it began streaming on Amazon Prime Video in over 200 locations worldwide, under the title Shin Masked Rider.— Wikipedia

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Shin Kamen Rider
TitleShin Kamen Rider
CategoryKamen Rider
Original releaseMarch 17, 2023
Running time2 hour 01 minutes
Main SeriesKamen Rider Geats

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Plot - Shin Kamen Rider

Shin Kamen Rider, often referred to as Shin Masked Rider in other countries, is a Japanese superhero Tokusatsu film that serves as a remake of the Kamen Rider TV series from 1971 and a celebration of the franchise’s 50th anniversary.

Shin Kamen Rider

In the movie, Takeshi Hongo and his companion Ruriko Midorikawa battle a terrorist group that is instigated his augmentation in order to prevent them from enslaving civilization.

Plot Shin Kamen Rider

Shocker kidnaps Takeshi Hongo and turns him into the Batta Augment. Kumo Augment pursues Hongo as he flees Shocker with Ruriko Midorikawa, and his thugs—posing as riot police—kidnap Ruriko. Hongo, however, protects Ruriko by changing into his Augment form, and the two of them flee to a secret cabin.

Shin Kamen Rider – The movie 2023

At the hideout, Dr. Hiroshi Midorikawa expels the surplus prana life energy to transform Hongo back into his civilian form. Dr. Midorikawa’s daughter is abducted and killed by Kumo Augment when he arrives. Hongo earns the moniker “Kamen Rider” after pursuing and defeating Kumo Augment with his Augment powers.

Shin Kamen Rider English sub

At their new safe place, Hongo and Ruriko would run into two government officials. The agents suggest working together to beat Shocker. Shocker was developed by a billionaire to spread happiness around the world, as revealed by Ruriko when she discloses its history.

The billionaire, however, killed himself, and an advanced artificial intelligence took over. Unfortunately, the AI thinks that humans should be subjugated for their own good since it misread the intentions of its creator. The Shocker scientist Koumori Augment, who intends to use a virus gained from the government to rule the populace, is then confronted by Hongo and Ruriko.

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after the Sasori Augment has been destroyed by the two government operatives. Hachi Augment, a former friend of Ruriko named Hiromi, is the target of Hongo and Ruriko’s mission to eliminate him. Hachi Augment thinks that in order to safeguard humanity, it is necessary to enslave people.

After Hongo battled her, one of their informants shot her to death with the Sasori Augment’s toxin. Ichiro Midorikawa, now known as the Chou Augment, reawakens and starts murdering numerous government officials. Ichiro directs their prana to the Habitat Realm, a terrifying dimension.

As a result of his mother’s unjust murder, which fueled his hatred for humanity, Ruriko explains that Ichiro intends to do the same to humanity.

Shin Kamen Rider

Shin Kamen Rider

Shin Kamen Rider

Shin Kamen Rider - English subtitles by Anon

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